Apple collaboration promises more immersive videos for Vision Pro headset

Apple is working its magic to get the right tools for immersive video creation.

Among the news and updates announced during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, the company also briefly mentioned work in the pipeline related to the Vision Pro headset.

Apple has been collaborating with Blackmagic Design, an Australian company that creates products for the film and content industry. Both companies are working on a camera that could film immersive videos for the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Blackmagic Design confirmed rumors that it’s working on its URSA Cine Immersive camera on X (formerly Twitter). With a few shots of the future product, the company also revealed some specifications that the camera is expected to be equipped with.

The camera “with 8160 x 7200 resolution per eye, 16 stops of dynamic range for 90fps stereoscopic 3D immersive cinema content” should be available this year.

The company hasn’t yet provided an estimated price. Blackmagic cameras range in price from a couple of thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars for a professional model.

The digital cinema company is also updating DaVinci Resolve, a video editing application that makes it easier to edit immersive videos.

Apple has also considered ways to increase the quality of content that users can create and share via Vision Pro. For this, the company collaborated with Canon, now focusing on its R7 camera.

Not so many details can be found about Canon’s new device, except that it will contain a 7.8mm f/4 lens.