Apple users might get AI-generated emojis with iOS 18

One of iOS 18's features might let users create customized emojis.

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) approaching, speculation is heating up about the features and innovations the company might introduce.

Among the guesses about the iPhone’s biggest update yet, is that Apple’s new iOS 18 will include more AI-powered features.

One of these is AI-generated emojis. According to Bloomberg, Apple users will be able to get customized emojis on the go based on what they’re texting.

This isn’t the only customization-based feature that the company is preparing. iPhone users will also be able to change their home screen, changing the color of the icons and placing them in any way they find convenient.

Another novelty Apple may present is smart recaps, a feature that provides users with summaries of unread messages, notifications, documents, web pages, and more.

The sheer number of new features expected on iOS 18 is further proof that the company is trying to accommodate its users through practical AI-powered features.

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