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Apple gives developers more flexibility to set prices on App Store

Developers can now charge as low as 29¢ or as high as $10,000 for App Store subscriptions as part of the settlement Apple reached in a class-action lawsuit brought against it in 2019.

Apple has announced 700 additional price points for developers, bringing the total number of available pricing options to 900.

It includes 600 new price points that developers can pick on their own and 100 higher price points available upon request – possibly to avoid scams.

Apple said it would provide more flexibility to developers who can choose from price points increasing incrementally every 10¢ for up to $10, every 50¢ for between $10 and $50, and so on.

New pricing options are now available for apps offering auto-renewable subscriptions, with all others and in-app purchases to follow in spring 2023. Changes cover 45 currencies and all 175 storefronts of the App Store.

Apple said it would give developers “unprecedented” pricing control, including setting the price for a local storefront they know best and having the prices for all other storefronts and all the remaining currencies generated automatically.

“This means, for example, a Japanese game developer who gets most of their business from Japanese customers can set their price for the Japan storefront, and have their prices outside of the country update as foreign exchange and tax rates change,” Apple said.

Developers can also define prices per storefront. Both options are available for subscription apps and will expand to cover all others in the spring of next year.

Apple has already brought some changes it agreed to in response to a lawsuit against it by small developers.

These include the ability for developers to contact users directly about alternative payment methods outside the app, as well as the announcement of the Small Developer Assistance Fund.

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