Apple users to become reachable from anywhere thanks to iOS 18

For safer trips, travelers who use Apple devices may want to update to iOS 18 more than anyone else.

Among several updates revealed during this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company shared the various novelties users should look for in the upcoming iOS 18 release.

Some new updates focus on travelers, especially those who love to spend time in remote areas where a connection might not always be stable.

Apple announced that among many new iOS 18 features, users will be able to "browse thousands of hikes across national parks in the United States and easily create their own custom walking routes" via Apple Maps.

Users will also have the option to save locations, hikes, and routes in the Places Library and add notes about these places.

For those wondering how to access Maps without an internet connection, the routes will also be accessible offline.

Apple also implemented some new updates to ensure that travelers stay connected on the road and have the possibility to reach out in case of an emergency. "iOS 18 introduces Messages via satellite for the times when cellular and Wi-Fi connections aren't available," the company shared.

Messages via satellite automatically connects users to the nearest satellite from the Messages app and allow them to "send and receive texts, emoji, and Tapbacks over iMessage and SMS."

Nevertheless, the company indicates that SMS availability will depend on the carrier, so certain fees may apply. Users should contact their carrier for more information.

To ensure user privacy, "iMessages sent via satellite are end-to-end encrypted," notes Apple.