Apple Maps: patent suggests customizable directions

Apple has released a new patent to update its current version of Apple Maps, focusing on CarPlay for a more customizable experience.

Apple is all about updating its Maps feature, first with rumors of iOS18 including topographic maps and now with the possibility of providing customizable car routes.

The Cupertino-based company has just released a new patent called “User Interfaces for Customized Navigation Routes,” continuing its focus on Maps and other useful features to ensure better navigation.

The patent US-20240094017-A1, which was first noticed by the WCCF news portal, shows a few crucial benefits of using Apple Maps through the CarPlay platform.

By accessing information from the vehicle’s engine, it can customize routes. For example, if a user is running low on fuel, the map might show a road with a gas station on the way.

Another useful feature that could be included in Apple Maps is navigating the vehicle according to the information provided on its license plate. This way, the car would only go through roads it's allowed to drive.

While Apple has been focused on updating Maps, the issuing of a patent doesn’t mean that these changes will necessarily take place in the future.

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