New Apple patent suggests changes to AirPods case

An updated Apple AirPods case might provide much more functionality, allowing users to skip songs, get a weather forecast, and more.

A newly released patent suggests that Apple may add a touch screen to its AirPods charging case.

The document, released on June 4th, 2024, and called “Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for interactions with a headphone case," shows what new functionalities the Airpods could be equipped with and what they would look like.

According to the patent, which was first noticed by Apple Insider, users will be able to play, pause, or skip music on the charging case, functions that are now controlled through the earbuds. In addition to these already familiar features, users will also hear voice messages or weather forecasts.

Apple Airpods patent
Image by Apple

The document also reveals images showing a hand squeezing the case and labeling it “squeeze to switch audio modes,” which may be an additional way for users to operate the device.

The touch-screen case idea isn’t a novelty – JBL launched its Tour Pro 2 earbuds two years ago.

Even though Apple keeps returning to the idea of a touch-screen AirPods case, the new patent doesn’t confirm whether the company will actually proceed with this project.