Apple may bring back removable batteries for its devices

Apple explores the possibility of integrating interchangeable batteries that could be used among its products.

The company is working on a battery-swapping system to prolong the use of Apple products.

The reality of using Apple products is having to charge them almost daily. This could change if the company complies with its patent on the battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices.

The new system would include standardized batteries consisting of a battery shell, battery core, and sensors. These batteries would work with Apple computers, phones, and accessories, such as headphones.

The batteries would differ in size, as smaller batteries would work with phones and larger ones with computers.

Apple battery patent

If implemented, the new system would also mean a step towards more sustainable choices, as users wouldn’t have to change devices as frequently.

Battery exchange isn’t a new concept. The 2009 MacBook was Apple’s last laptop with a replaceable battery, and many manufacturers now use integrated ones.

It’s not yet clear whether interchangeable batteries will make a comeback, as several Apple patents remain unused.

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