Apple’s Tap to Cash will let users make payments with a single tap

Apple users no longer need to log in to their bank account to make a quick money transfer.

From updates on its latest innovation, the Vision Pro headset, and its streaming service, Apple TV+, to upgrades on iOS 18, Apple revealed plenty of news during the first day of WWDC 2024.

One of the novelties in iOS 18 is Apple’s Tap to Cash feature, which allows payments between iPhone users.

“Tap to Cash makes in-person payments quick and easy without having to share phone numbers or email addresses,” said Apple while explaining how the new feature will work.

To send a payment, users simply unlock their device with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode and bring it next to another device.

The new feature works similarly to Apple’s Tap to Pay app, which allows contactless payments made via iPhone or Apple Watch.

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