Regrets among some Apple Vision Pro users as headset sits unused

The $3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset is already collecting dust for over 12% of users, with some expressing regret for not returning it when they had the chance. However, many others are inseparable from their new toy.

A recent survey found in one of Reddit’s communities revealed that Apple Vision Pro users are struggling to use the headset consistently.

Now that two months have passed since the launch of the headset, more users have been able to test it out. For some, it may become one of their most convenient gadgets, while others are struggling to find a use for it.

For this reason, Apple Vision Pro user and Reddit member @MBA2024 decided to find out how often those with the headset use it.

The redditor themselves faced the problem of not using the new gadget as often as they thought they might, understanding that this was not very practical for the price they paid.

“Personally, I’m definitely going to try to use it more, being one of the 2-3 days/week users, as it feels like a bit of a waste if I don’t. It really is amazing to stream things, and I’ll just need to get in the habit of getting done with my irl multitasking earlier in the night so I’m not contemplating putting it on (or usually not putting it on) at like midnight[sic],” they said.

So they set up a survey asking, “How often are you using the Vision Pro?”

Apple Vision Pro survey results
Image by @MBA2024 | Reddit

The redditor conducted the survey two months after the launch of Apple Vision Pro and ran it for two days, during which it received around 1000 responses.

What should be kept in mind is that the survey responses only reflect the opinions of Apple Vision Pro users on Reddit and not the assessment of the entire Apple Vision Pro user group.

The results showed that out of all number of respondents:

  • 36.5 % are using it daily
  • 19.5 % are using it frequently
  • 19 % are using it once a week
  • 15 % are using it once per fortnight or even more rarely

The survey started a discussion online about why people seemingly aren’t so eager to use the headset.

One of the main reasons why users still struggle with Apple’s product is that it takes time to get used to it. Some Reddit users admit that it's hard to do simple tasks like eating while using it.

Even before its launch, the Apple Vision Pro was the center of conversation, and many were speculating how great the new gadget would be. With such high expectations, it’s not surprising that some redditors couldn’t hide their disappointment after trying the headset.

“I regret not returning it, it’s completely gimmicky. I wanted to hold onto it because I thought some really cool stuff would come out. Nothing of the sort has occurred. It’s really made for people who are super into VR at this point.

I’m going to just sell it on eBay at a loss, a real shame.”

Another observation that headset users made is that not everything can still be done while wearing a headset. While Apple is still releasing updates, such as allowing people to communicate with each other as if they’re in close proximity, it still misses some simple settings, such as allowing them to answer a phone call.

“Receive and make phone calls [...]. I’m baffled as to why I can forward calls to all of my other Apple devices but not to the VP. I’m sure it’s coming, but it should’ve launched with this capability since it’s already available on all of their other computers and iPads,” noticed one Vision Pro user.

While some users have already lost all hope in the new device, others see the potential the Vision Pro keeps showing.

“I never understood this narrative that this thing would suddenly just become some artifact that nobody wants to touch after the first 2 weeks. It's a $4000 computer and portable OLED cinema. I use mine every single day.”

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