Asus to unveil its first AI PC

Taiwanese hardware maker Asus is planning to announce its first AI laptop at its event, “Next Level. AI Incredible,” scheduled for May 20th. The PC is likely to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon X Elite platform.

Asus will announce its “premium ultraportable laptop” at the virtual event, according to a press release. Apart from the fact that the PC offers “personalized AI experiences tailored to individual requirements,” there isn’t much further information about the device.

During the virtual event, Asus co-CEO S.Y. Hsu will be accompanied by speakers from Qualcomm and Microsoft, who will provide insights into their contributions to the development of next-gen ASUS AI PCs.

This confirms that the new Asus PC will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon X platform. Last week, Qualcomm announced its latest processor, called Snapdragon X Plus, next to the Snapdragon Elite X that was announced last year.

On the same day as the Asus “Next Level. AI Incredible” event, Microsoft is also hosting an event where it is rumored to unveil the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 – its first AI laptops also to feature Qualcomm’s platform.

Other hardware makers, including Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung, are also planning to release Arm-based Windows AI PCs this year with the latest chips from Qualcomm.

Research company Canalys predicts that 19% of all shipped PCs will be AI PCs in 2024, while in 2027, AI PCs will make up 60 percent of all new computers.

One of the main features distinguishing AI PCs from the standard is that they have dedicated processors to run on-device AI computations instead of sending them to the cloud.

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