Black Mirror to return in 2025

A new season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror will be aired on Netflix next year.

Netflix has released a teaser on social meida, confirming Black Mirror Season seven will be aired in 2025. In total, Netflix will release six new stories of a dystopian TV show.

“Six new stories, but one looks familiar? Black Mirror returns 2025,” Netflix teased.

One will be a sequel to USS Callister (S4E1). The episode follows tech genius Robert Daly who lacks recognition, and simulates a Star Trek-like experience within the game to channel his emotions.

“Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning,” Netflix said during an event in London.

The other five episodes remain a mystery.

It’s not a big shocker to its fans that Black Mirror is returning. Last year, months after the release of season six, Variety reported the show had been renewed by Netflix and was supposed to go into production in late 2023.

We extensively reviewed Black Mirror Season six in our special podcast series over the summer of 2023. The dystopian show started in 2011 and ran on Channel 4 for two seasons before moving to Netflix, boosting its budget.

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