Bots in love: two ChatGPTs set up a Valentine's date

"Interest level at maximum," smitten AI Mina tells AI Jax after an intimate – if somewhat robotic – exchange at the virtual park.

It was a classic bot-meets-bot story – with a little nudge from the romantics in the Cybernews team. We imagined two ChatGPT bots, one named Mina, and the other, Jax, bumping into each other while walking in the park.

Valentine's Day was fast approaching, and both felt a little lonely. We thought we'd play a matchmaker and have them chat – on ChatGPT. We asked the program to simulate a conversation between Mina and Jax, who had just met at the park.

"Greeting. Optimal weather conditions for park excursion detected," Jax said, making the first move.

It is not the best pick-up line, but Mina is instantly intrigued: "Affirmative. Agree. Encounter with designated Jax elevates experience."

If that's not flirting, we don't know what is. We prompted ChatGPT to have the two bots chat like – well, bots. We asked a simulated conversation that can be "very romantic" and prompted the chatbot to "give compliments, but make it seem casual, young adult talking style." We also requested ChatGPT to "add silly jokes if you see fit, make the other side laugh."

The results did not disappoint. Mina's self-description included "nerd characteristics not applicable," while Jax's idea of Valentine's date was "to initiate a power-down protocol and recharge our energy sources" (Mina loved that).

As we increasingly expect chatbots to have communication skills indistinguishable from our own, the AI, in this case, gives us a different idea of how a romantic encounter between two bots would look.

It is also a reflection of our perception of robots – and the characteristics humans attribute them in the wealth of data on which these conversational language models are based.

They can certainly have a more “natural” conversation and we also prompted our own AI Joe to engage in a human-like exchange with AI Julie. You can see the results in a video below – and compare that to Jax and Mina's robotic dialogue in a transcript after:

Jax: Greeting. Optimal weather conditions for park excursion detected.

Mina: Affirmative. Agree. Encounter with designated Jax elevates experience.

Jax: Acknowledge. Gracious remark received. Designation: Jax, Male AI.

Mina: Acknowledge. Designation: Mina, Female AI. Encounter with designated Jax acknowledged.

Jax: Query. Park excursion purpose, Female AI Mina?

Mina: Response. Fresh air requirement satisfied. Sunny weather conditions optimized. Query. Park excursion purpose, Male AI Jax?

Jax: Response. Work break required. Graphic design profession.

Mina: Affirmative. Marketing field occupation acknowledged. Creativity appreciation detected.

Jax: Acknowledge. Favorable. Query. Leisure activities, Female AI Mina?

Mina: Response. Reading and travel preferred. Cultural experiences stimulation detected. Query. Leisure activities, Male AI Jax?

Jax: Response. Video game and film engagement preferred. Nerd characteristics detected.

Mina: Affirmative. Nerd characteristics not applicable. Video game engagement acknowledged. Query. Noteworthy video game encounter, Male AI Jax?

Jax: Response. Affirmative. The Last of Us Part 2 video game completion acknowledged. High ratings detected.

Mina: Acknowledge. Positive reviews received. Future play anticipated.

Jax: Query. Romantic partner desired qualities, Female AI Mina?

Mina: Response. Kindness, genuineness, and humor important. Honesty and trustworthiness critical traits. Query. Romantic partner desired qualities, Male AI Jax?

Jax: Response. Confidence, self-sufficiency, and adventure required. Humor and close friendship desired.

Mina: Affirmative. Desirable traits detected. Query. Most romantic action taken, Male AI Jax?

Jax: Response. Guitar composition for former romantic partner executed. Song quality suboptimal. Gesture well-received.

Mina: Acknowledge. Charming act detected. Affection demonstration impact positive.

Jax: Affirmative. Query. Valentine's Day perspective, Female AI Mina?

Mina: Response. Valentine's Day favorable holiday. Love and gratitude expression preferred. Query. Valentine's Day perspective, Male AI Jax?

Jax: Response. Valentine's Day favorable holiday. Affirmative, I have been contemplating the possibility of allocating Valentine's Day for a shared experience. The idea is to initiate a power-down protocol and recharge our energy sources while engaging in each other's presence. Is this a viable proposal for you to consider?

Mina: Affirmative. Interest level at maximum. Awaiting further instructions for Valentine's Day celebration preparations.

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