Brits losing faith in Netflix after price hikes

Despite rising sales around the world, Netflix has taken top spot in the UK for being the streaming platform that Brits most want to delete.

With more than 2,200 searches a month from British internet users asking how to unsubscribe from the streaming platform, Netflix appears to be losing popularity in the country, according to research by QR Code Generator Hub.

By contrast, less than half that many unsubscribe-related searches were returned for the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Paramount+.

Netflix may have garnered 13.1 million new subscribers globally in the final quarter of last year, but that enthusiasm apparently hasn’t been felt in the UK, where disgruntled Brits are seriously reconsidering their account membership.

QR Code Generator Hub believes this trend has been prompted by last year’s price hikes, which saw both basic and premium plans go up by as much as £24 annually. Netflix also cracked down on password-sharing.

With accounts no longer able to be used outside of one household, users may have been further provoked into withdrawing their custom – or at least considering doing so.

QR Code Generator Hub says it tracks streaming services closely because its products are often used in television content.

Commenting on the findings, spokesperson Jonathan Palley said: “The initial attraction of streaming platforms, promising limitless access to an array of content, has given way to a growing trend where users are actively reconsidering subscriptions.”

He added: “Features such as the introduction of ads on paid accounts and regular price rises for premium subscriptions have led to many customers deciding to cancel their accounts.”

But Palley also believes the end of the COVID lockdown era may have also prompted consumers simply to consider venturing outdoors more often for their entertainment.

“Users who were initially drawn to streaming during the pandemic now find a renewed interest in the allure of movie theaters since their reopening,” he said. “In response to this evolving dynamic, subscribers are reevaluating their priorities, gravitating towards only the platforms that deliver the most exciting content at a justifiable price point.”

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