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Indie developer creates text-to-presentation tool for Google Slides

Called SlidesAI, the service promises to save users hours of time and effort by transforming any text into “visually appealing” slides.

Built by independent developer Anurag Bhagsain, SlidesAI is marketed as the “ultimate” time-saving tool that uses AI to create presentations “in seconds.”

Users only need to enter or copy-paste chunks of text into a provided box, select a number of slides they want and choose a preferred presentation style from four available options: general, educational, conference, or sales.

Based on these prompts, SlidesAI will do the rest. Users can still customize the look and feel of the presentation by choosing from pre-design colors and font presets – or creating their own.

SlidesAI supports English, Spanish, and Italian, with Japanese and French languages on the way, according to the project’s website. Integration with Microsoft PowerPoint is also in the works.

Currently, the service is only available as a Google Slides extension and can be downloaded on Google Workspace Marketplace.

SlidesAI has three subscription plans: Basic, which is free and includes three presentations per month with a 2,500 character input limit, and two paid options, Pro and Premium.

For a monthly fee of $10, Pro subscribers get ten presentations per month and a 6,000 character input limit. The Premium subscription costs $19 monthly and offers users unlimited presentations and a 12,000 character input.

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