ChromeOS update presents customized keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons

The latest update for ChromeOS M123 allows users to perform their daily tasks more efficiently with customized keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons.

According to information found on the Google Chromebook page, the new updates include customized keyboard shortcuts and personalized mouse buttons.

Now, users should be able to create their preferred keyboard combinations and assign certain actions to their mouse buttons. If the user’s mouse has more than two buttons, they can also be enabled to make a list of actions: mute/unmute, insert an emoji, or take a screenshot.

The ChromeOS M123 update also includes a hotspot that allows users to share their cellular network with others. However, it noted that only the T-Mobile network is currently supported in the US, with a promise to expand.

Among other recent updates, ChromeOS M123 also added the possibility of changing a preferred language in Android apps and enabling a natural-sounding text-to-voice feature.

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