CMF by Nothing to launch its first customizable smartphone

With the upcoming CMF Phone 1, users may be able to unscrew their phone to swap accessories.

The new device will be the first smartphone from Nothing's sub-brand CMF, which "aims to make great design more accessible while delivering an uncompromised user experience through a focus on core product functionalities."

Dubbed by the company as “the engineer’s aesthetic,” CMF by Nothing shares its upcoming CMF Phone 1. More details about the new smartphone model will be revealed on July 8th, 2024, reports the company.

The company, recognized for its playful design choices, teased users by showing what the latest model might look like. The pictures revealed that the CMF Phone 1 will include a few customizable details. These are dials that attach accessories such as a lanyard or a kickstand and a swappable rear panel.

CMF by Nothing also revealed that the new device would be available in black, blue, light green, and orange.

Previously, the company shared a sneak peek of the phone model with screws. This indicated that perhaps the phone's panel could be removed to change the battery.

This also didn't go unnoticed by one an X (formerly Twitter) user: "I was really hoping those screws were to remove the back panel to easily access/replace the battery, but I guess not. Unless I'm wrong, it's a wasted opportunity to go with the norm and make battery replacements a hassle."

While their purpose is not confirmed, it could be just another detail that makes the phone more customizable.

The company pays great attention to product design. It often teases users with previews of new products or asks them to participate in creating a new design for its upcoming devices.