Cybertruck gets a camper top upgrade

A tent manufacturer has crafted a camper top for Tesla’s Cybertruck and hopes to start selling the customizable rooftop tent at the end of July.

“Every tent will be slightly different,” announced Roger Davis, CEO of Lormac Plastics and founder of BadAss Tents, on the Cybertruck Owner Club website.

The tent, which weighs under 300 pounds, is designed exclusively for Tesla’s Cybertruck. When not pitched, it seamlessly blends with the truck’s design.

“It weighs just under 300 pounds, and we partnered with BadAss Tents for the tent fabric. The tent features a pass-through door in the back for easy access and includes a rain fly,” Davis said.

Tesla Cybertruck tent 2
By Ro

There’s a 3-inch-thick foam mattress inside the tent.

The camper top is customizable, starting at $1,500, with the final cost depending on accessories and build-out options. For example, the prototype includes $3,500 worth of lights, making it “look like daytime at night,” Davis noted.

The cost will also depend on the material choice for the sidewalls (aluminum or stainless steel) and roof. Buyers will have the ability to customize their tents according to their preferences.

“Every tent will be slightly different. One has Chewbacca on one side and Dia De Los Muertos on the other. It looks pretty cool. I wish I had taken a photo before she left for this week's media tour,” Davis added.

More details and specifications can be found here.