Cybertruck-obsessed TikTokers test frunk safety with veggies and fingers

TikTokers have taken to the platform to showcase Tesla’s latest updates to the Cybertruck, which now has pinch-prevention that protects fingers from being closed in the frunk (front trunk).

Back in May 2024, one YouTube user Joe Fay, who makes videos exclusively about his Cybertruck, purposefully trapped his finger in his Tesla Cybertruck to prove the vehicle was safe.

Joe claimed at the end of the video that his finger may have been broken as he couldn’t move it. You can see an obvious puncture where the frunk came into contact with his finger.

Since then, Tesla has recently released a swathe of new updates, including a software update that prevents these kinds of accidents

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So, to test the latest update, Jeremy Judkins, a TikToker and owner of a Cybertruck, tested the pre-updated frunk with various fruits and vegetables.

As it closes, the frunk easily slices the ends of carrots and cucumbers. The only piece of produce that survives the frunk test is an eggplant.

The latest update, known as the spring update, includes many different features, with one of the features being pinch prevention. The update claims that “the powered frunk can better detect obstructions just before it finishes closing.”

Once updated, Jeremy shows that the Cybertruck is better at detecting obstructions. As the TikToker continues to place bananas and cucumbers in the frunk, this time, the Cybertruck identifies that something is in the way and doesn’t damage the produce as it did previously.

However, the Cybertruck frunk fails on the carrot test, as the end of the carrot gets chopped by the frunk as it closes.

Commenters noticed that the end of this carrot was quite finger-like, raising the question of whether the updated frunk could still damage a person’s finger.

One user said, “So it will only cut off tiny fingers. Great, lol,” and another commenter said that the Cybertruck’s frunk will “still be smashing fingers.”

Jeremy tests the new update with his arm, which puts some pressure on the arm but doesn’t harm him. He then tests the frunk with his hand, which places more pressure but doesn’t cause any real damage. But then he tries it with his finger and looks visibly panicked when the frunk closes on his finger, leaving him with a marked, shaking finger.

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Another TikToker shows what happens when he traps all four fingers in the Cybertruck’s frunk.

The frunk leaves a mark on the man's fingers but doesn’t seem to inflict much damage on the Cybertruck owner. However, the man's repetition of “open it up” seems panicked, perhaps revealing that it was more painful than the user was letting on.

Many TikTok users commented on the video, telling the man to try with just one finger and highlighting the panic in the uploader's voice despite saying that the impact from the Cybertruck was “hard but not bad at all.”

These videos suggest that more updates are needed to make the Cybertruck safer. Some commenters have stated that Tesla’s Cybertruck is a ‘beta product,’ and others seemed concerned that a vehicle should need software updates to improve safety features.