Dark Mode and AI features are coming to Strava

The company behind Strava, the most popular fitness app, has announced several features and a roadmap for future improvements, which will be rolled out gradually until the end of the year.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that with the ongoing AI wave in the tech world, Strava is planning to incorporate it into athlete’s daily lives.

One of the key features, called Athlete Intelligence, will provide a summary of athletes’ activity accomplishments and fitness goals based on their training data. The update, now in beta, will be available for subscribers.

The company is also planning to use AI for content moderation. It will harness machine learning to automatically flag “irregular, improbable, or impossible activities recorded to the platform.” Strava says that its machine-learning model was trained on millions of activities.

The app also has a long-awaited user interface change coming. This summer, Dark Mode, one of the most requested features by users, will be available. With Dark mode, athletes will have options to keep their mobile settings always dark, always light, or match their device settings.

Another feature that the company claims users want is a Family plan. Athletes will be able to share the plan with up to three selected users. Each member of the Family plan will get a subscription discount, though Strava didn’t specify the price in its blog post.

The new plan will be launched in selected countries this summer and will be available globally by the end of this year, the company says. Later this year, Strava plans to introduce a few more features that it says are aimed at women athletes.

Night Heatmaps will show only activities between sundown and sunrise and should give an idea of which roads are well-trafficked after hours. And the Quick Edit feature is supposed to make it easier to make the most common edits like activity name and privacy settings so a person can hide a start time, a map, or other workout stats.

Strava also unveiled a partnership with media company TOGETHXT to encourage more women to watch and participate in women’s sports.

The company, which now has 125 million users, announced the new updates after changes in leadership. At the end of last year, the company appointed Michael Martin, who previously worked at Nike and Google, as its new CEO.