Fitbit Ace is a $230 kids' smartwatch aiming to make exercise fun

A new smartwatch is like a mini gaming console that encourages children to stay fit.

Fitbit has announced a new smartwatch, the Fitbit Ace LTE, with pre-installed games created specifically for the device using haptics, accelerometer, and other tools.

The idea is to engage children in physical activities by using a gamified approach. Kids will be rewarded after reaching their daily steps or other physical goals.

Google says that new games will be released every few months, though they will only be available for paid subscribers.

Another “trick” to encourage movement is Eejies, Tamagotchi-like virtual creatures that feed off a child's daily activity. The company claims that the more kids reach their movement goals, the more healthy and happy these creatures get.

By completing daily activities and moving through each game, kids earn arcade tickets to customize their creature’s look with virtual items.

The watch, which can be paired via an app with an Android or iOS device, also has a GPS feature that allows parents to see their children’s real-time location. Parents can also manage settings like School Time to eliminate distractions during class.

Google says that the watch was created with privacy in mind. Only parents can see a child's location and activity data, and location data is deleted after 24 hours.

Google claims the Fitbit Ace LTE has a battery that lasts around 16 hours, it features Gorilla® Glass 3 Color OLED display, is water resistant (up to 50m of depth). Soon, it will also feature Tap to Pay.

The Fitbit Ace LTE will cost $229.95 and be available starting June 5th. A $10 monthly subscription is required to enable built-in LTE connectivity for calling, messaging, location sharing, and the latest game updates.