Fitbit shuts down its website, users disappointed

An app will soon replace Fitbit’s web dashboard.

Fitbit has informed users that its website will no longer work from July 8th, 2024. Instead, they’ll have to use a dedicated iOS and Android app redesigned last year.

“The web browser will no longer offer access to the dashboard after July 8th, 2024, but all your details and logging for activities, nutrition, sleep, and weight continue to be available in the Fitbit app,” notes Fitbit.

The change was initiated so that Fitbit could “focus on features that provide even more valuable insights to [...] users.”

However, after Fitbit announced the news about its platform’s changes, users were quick to share their opinions, or rather, disappointments, with the app.

Many users questioned where they could find certain features, such as the “Calories Left” count or the ability to create meal plans. Some pointed out that instead of this update, Fitbit should stop removing features that “customers use and depend on.”