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Google brings Workspace Individual to Europe

Just over a year since it launched in other markets, the Google Workspace Individual office suite aimed at solo business owners is now available in Europe.

Spending less time on scheduling appointments and sending emails? If you’re a pet sitter or a hair stylist working on your own, this is the promise that Google is selling to you.

Intended for one-person businesses using Google email addresses, Workspace Individual is a productivity tool that combines free-to-use applications like Gmail, Meet and Calendar into a single platform and offers additional features for a monthly fee.

These include longer group calls that are time-capped when used for free and nice-to-have extras like video recording, noise cancellation, and better lighting. Users can also live stream Google Meet sessions on YouTube, which could come in handy from a marketing perspective.

On that end, Workspace Individual also supports customizable Gmail layouts and a multi-send option to deliver individual emails to multiple recipients and make communications “as targeted as you like.”

Enhancements on Google Calendar include a booking page that shows users’ availability and is meant to streamline the scheduling process by avoiding “back-and-forth” communication to find a suitable time slot.

Google says that it will add more features like the ability for the customers to put their e-signatures directly into Google Docs. Workspace Individual launches in select European countries, including Germany, France, and the UK, where a subscription plan will cost £7.99 per month.

It is already available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia.

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