Offline settings for Google’s Find My Device coming soon

A few Find My Device users have already noticed new settings that should allow them to use the app while offline.

Google's Find My Device took some time to develop, as the idea behind the feature was to make it work offline.

Now, this seems to be in the works, with some Google Play Service beta test 24.12.14 users seeing such an option in the settings, as noted by X (formerly Twitter) user @AssembleDebug.

The Find My Device app helps users locate lost or stolen devices. They can remotely lock the device until it's found or erase its information if it’s unretrievable.

The main struggle to make the feature work is making sure that it broadcasts a signal that’s traceable when a device is offline.

[Updated on April 9th]

Google Find My Device released its offline feature on April 8th. Supported by Bluetooth, it allows tracking missing, lost, or stolen devices without using a cellular network.

Thanks to the new update, users can detect a device by pinging it or checking its location on maps.

Find My Device works on devices with Android 9 and later.

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