Students burst into tears as Google Maps directs them to the wrong examination center

Only a few students showed up on time for the exam, as the rest used Google Maps to get to the examination center only to find out it was the wrong location.

Hilarious to us, not so much to dozens of students. When they finally found the correct location, the officers wouldn’t let them in to take the exam, leaving many in tears.

An English-language Indian publication, Free Press Journal, follows the story of 60 students in Samarthnagar, Maharashtra, India.

On Sunday, they were supposed to take the civil services examination in the city. However, Google Maps led them to a completely different location, located approximately 14 kilometers from the examination place.

Upon realizing that, students tried to make it on time for the exam but found the doors locked. They tried to explain the issue to the officers, but only a handful were actually let in.

As per the publication, many students burst into tears, having lost the opportunity to take the civil services exam.