Free AI photo editing features are coming to all Google Photos users

Google will start rolling out the Google Photos app update on May 15th, enabling free AI photo edits. Previously, these were only available to paid subscribers or owners of Pixel phones.

According to the company, users will have access to editing tools like Magic Eraser, which removes photobombers and other distractions; Photo Unblur, which clears up blurry shots; and Portrait Light, which adjusts the position and brightness of light in portraits, among others.

The most notable feature, Magic Editor, which was launched last year with the new Pixel and Pixel 8 Pro phones, “makes it easy to do complex photo edits with simple and intuitive actions,” like repositioning your subject or turning the sky from gray to blue.

Owners of Pixel devices or Google One premium users will be able to use the app for free, while Google Photos users on Android and iOS will get 10 Magic Editor saves per month, according to the company.

To use some of these tools, Android devices should have at least 3GB of RAM and Android 8.0 and up. The tools will gradually roll out, starting May 15th and continuing over the following weeks, to all devices that meet the minimum requirements.

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