Grammy Awards to use IBM’s AI to enhance coverage

IBM and the Recording Academy will be joining forces at this year’s music awards to deliver viewers tailored and instantaneous profiles of hundreds of participants.

AI Stories With IBM watsonx, named after the technology veteran’s in-house AI program, was unveiled on January 25th and will be showcased at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards on February 5th.

“The produced content will consist of social-ready assets as well as longer-form coverage that will appear across Grammy digital platforms,” said IBM, enabling the Recording Academy to produce engaging headlines, essential details, and summaries of artists’ careers at the click of a button.

It will do this by tapping into IBM’s AI content builder dashboard that works off models hosted on studio, which has been specially trained for the event on the academy’s own data and branding.

“The team will engage with the dashboard through prompts to produce detailed insights on the various Grammy nominees, including their philanthropic endeavors, cultural influence, and other career highlights,” added IBM.

This will allow fans to access AI-generated content during livestream events at the awards ceremony – including red carpet highlights, complete with limousines and fashion displays – through an interactive widget available at

IBM says this will enable the Recording Academy editorial team to “expand its coverage of Grammy-nominated artists, ultimately creating a more personalized digital experience that further connects millions of music fans with the artists they love while also introducing them to new ones.”

The computing giant further promises the project will eventually be expanded to deliver the same service to more than 23,000 professional musicians worldwide.

The Recording Academy welcomed the partnership with IBM.

“The ability to customize and scale our work ahead of Music's Biggest Night is crucial as we look to bring the magic of the Grammy Awards to fans worldwide,” said Adam Roth, senior vice president at the academy. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with IBM to deploy cutting-edge solutions that unlock new possibilities for our digital content and beyond this Grammy season.”

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