Huawei can‘t keep up with demand for flagship phone with advanced homegrown chip

Huawei‘s production capacity can’t keep up with demand for its new flagship Mate 60 Pro 5G smartphone, reports the South China Morning Post. Buyers of the phone, that’s powered by a mysterious advanced Chinese processor, have been placed in a 90-day waiting line by the company.

According to Counterpoint Research senior analyst Wang Yang, Huawei’s supply chain was complicated by secrecy surrounding the advanced Kirin 9000s processor, as supply chain partners usually need 12-18 months for parts provisioning before the device launch.

The Kirin 9000s is a new 5G chip that took the West by surprise, as it is built on an advanced 7nm process in China, Semiconductor Manufacturing International’s (SMIC) foundry, defying US sanctions.

As per the report, the new Huawei Mate 60 series is selling better than the previous 4G Mate 50 smartphones, with more than 2.5 million units shipped (during the same period, 1.8 million units of Mate 50s were sold).

Huawei has introduced a subscription program for the Mate 60 Pro that promises a waiting time of no more than 90 days after placing an order.

It remains a mystery how China’s foundry SMIC, which was added to the US Commerce Department's Entity list and restricted from obtaining advanced tech back in 2020, managed to develop a 7-nanometre grade manufacturing process.

South China Morning Post reports that the Chinese node “has good yields” and is comparable to a similar 7-nm tech process at TSMC.

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