IKEA opens its first store in the Roblox universe

IKEA is making strides in the virtual world as it announces ‘The Co-Worker Game,’ a virtual universe where you could be lucky enough to land yourself a spot as an IKEA employee.

The new game, which is coming to Roblox on June 24th, is designed to “give players the opportunity to experience IKEA’s unique approach to careers,” the company said.

This virtual store is IKEA’s first attempt at breaking into the gaming industry. The new virtual store needs employees and is offering a limited number of paid virtual co-worker roles.

Those who have ever dreamed of becoming IKEA employees can now live their fantasies, as 10 paid shifts are available for new co-workers. Virtual employee applications open on June 3rd and close on June 16th.

IKEA said that the Roblox community, gamers, and big-time IKEA fans can “work, explore, and experience the virtual world of IKEA on Roblox.”

This experience aims to immerse employees and customers in IKEA's virtual world while featuring all their favorite bits about the store.

Imagine an endless supply of Swedish meatballs, working and organizing spaces with iconic IKEA products, all while strolling through various showrooms, all from the comfort of your home.

To become a paid player, users must be 18 years or older and live in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. If you’re successful, you could earn up to £13.15 per hour, which aligns with the hourly pay rate for a London co-worker.

The story was first spotted by Wired.

Through Roblox, IKEA appears to be targeting a new generation of employees by demonstrating its unique approach to career development.

Those lucky enough to land a position will be selected to work in different areas of the store, from the Showroom to the Bistro.

You could help people choose furniture or serve customers delicious Swedish treats while working in the virtual realm.

To apply, you’ll be asked questions like, “How do you feel about being turned into pixels?” or “If you were pixelated IKEA furniture, which one would you be and why?”