Soon, you’ll be able to switch from iOS to Android without losing Live Photos

Google has found a way to help users who want to switch from iOS to Android without losing their Live Photos.

Many iPhone users use Live Photos, which record movement 1.5 seconds before and after an intended shot. These images can later be edited, turned into a video, or made into a GIF.

However, if a user decides to switch from iOS to Android, Live Photos are converted into regular shots during the migration process.

Google has come up with an idea to salvage Live Photos by introducing a Data Transfer Tool (also known as Pixel Migrate on Pixel devices).

The process starts with the user backing up Live Photos as Google Photos. Once moved to an Android device, these photos are shown as Motion Photos.

Users should note that this transfer route requires a Google One account with enough storage to transfer all the photos.

It’s not yet known when the feature will be up and running, but Android Authority reports that it should become available with the next software build.

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