iPhone 16 Pro may come with major camera fix

Apple is working on a camera fix for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro that should resolve the distorted picture problem.

Photos being distorted by sunlight or motion is a common problem for iPhone users. What first appeared to be a great photo often comes out containing halos, flares, and ghosting.

The new iPhone 16 Pro might come with a camera that solves these issues.

Apple is testing a new coating technology that would increase picture quality and protect the camera, says blogger yeux1122 (via MacRumors).

The atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology, rumored to be used with the yet-to-be-released iPhone, helps to noticeably reduce reflection.

Since ADL allows engineers to add materials to a lens one atomic layer at a time, iPhone makers have great control over its thickness and composition.

This helps to minimize the streaks and other image deformations seen in photos, including ghosting, which appears due to light reflection between the lens and camera sensor.

The update in testing should be used for “next generation” iPhones, as noted by the blogger, so the fix might be implemented in all iPhone 16 and future models.

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