iPhone users can now edit and delete iMessages

Apple allows iPhone users to edit and delete messages sent to each other. The feature is now available as part of an iOS 16 software update.

Users can edit iMessages for up to 15 minutes and have two minutes to delete them entirely. Both actions are visible to a receiver.

If a user withdraws a text, the recipient will see a notification that the message was unsent – and will still be able to read it before the sender deletes it.

Users can edit any given message up to five times. Again, the recipients will be notified that the message was edited. They will also see a record of edits made to the message. The update also allows users to mark texts as “unread” if they wish to attend to them later.

Only messages sent from one iPhone to another – colored blue in the Messages app – can be edited or deleted. New features will not work for messages sent to phones that run on different operating systems, such as Android.

Rival messaging apps such as Telegram and Viber already let users edit and delete messages; others, such as Signal and WhatsApp, offer an option to unsend texts. All work regardless of the operating system.

The iOS 16 update comes after Apple unveiled new iPhone 14 smartphones at a launch event last week, its first in-person presentation since the pandemic started.

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