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Italian studio designs a turtle-shaped floating city

The “unsinkable” floating city could house 60,000 people on its never-ending journey across the world’s oceans.

A Rome-based Lazzarini design studio has imagined a concept for a colossal pleasure vessel that it said could be built in eight years for approximately $8 billion.

Dubbed Pangeos, the supership would be 550-meters long and 610 meters at its widest part, the wings. If realized, the vessel could become the largest floating structure ever built.

The ship is named after Pangea, a supercontinent that once existed on Earth, and looks like a cruise ship on steroids, making space for multiple hotels and shopping centers, but also parks, a built-in marina, and an airport.

Visuals provided by the studio show roads and cars parked outside what seems to be private villas – all for sale as virtual “unreal” estate, an NFT-related crowdfunder the studio started to help finance the construction.

Lazzarini said the ship would be self-sustainable with solar panels powering its nine fully electric engines. It would also gain energy by breaking the waves while sailing, allowing the vessel to "perpetually" cruise around the Earth at a speed of five knots, the studio said.

If Pangeos were ever to be assembled, it could only be done in a similarly gigantic shipyard that Lazzarini said could be purposefully built in Saudi Arabia.

After all, Saudi Arabia is already laying the groundwork for Neom, its $500 billion “city of the future,” and a mega-project in its own league.

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