Twitter founder Jack Dorsey leaves BlueSky

Jack Dorsey has left the board of BlueSky, a social media platform he promoted after selling Twitter to Elon Musk.

Dorsey went on Twitter, which Musk has since rebranded to X, to discuss his philanthropic endeavors. Dorsey recently donated $21 million to OpenStats, a charity that funds “bitcoin-related free and open-source projects.”

After an X user asked Dorsey if he was still on the board of BlueSky, Twitter’s co-founder laconically answered with a “no.”

BlueSky is a decentralized microblogging platform and arguably an X clone. Unlike X, which operates on a single, centralized server hub, BlueSky relies on numerous smaller, dedicated servers.

BlueSky was all the hype after Dorsey expressed regrets about selling Twitter to Musk, who transformed the social network internally and externally.

However, the mood appears to have changed, as Dorsey categorized X as a “freedom technology.”

“Don’t depend on corporations to grant you rights. Defend them yourself using freedom technology (you’re on one),” Dorsey’s post on X reads.

Dorsey has reportedly maintained a 2.4% stake in Twitter after Musk’s takeover and continues to be active on X, its current iteration.

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