Microsoft set to unveil AI laptops and AI updates at Build 2024

The latest Microsoft Surface line devices are expected to be unveiled on Monday. On Tuesday, the company is starting its annual developer conference, Build 2024, which will feature significant AI announcements.

Last week was packed with AI news. Microsoft-backed Open AI announced the latest version of its chatbot, called GPT-4o, as well as a desktop version. Meanwhile, Google introduced the latest updates to its Gemini models, a new model, Project Astra, the text-to-video AI model Veo, and many software updates, with some of them coming to Android phones later this year.

This week, Microsoft is showing off its latest developments in the field at the annual developer conference, which will take place from May 21st to 23rd in Seattle.

But before that, the company is hosting a separate event, where it is rumored to announce the latest line of its Surface AI PCs for consumers, called Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6.

Business versions of these devices were introduced about a month ago, and on Monday, the company will announce more powerful devices. Most importantly, both will reportedly be equipped with Qualcomm’s long-anticipated X-series chips, which should deliver much better speed and performance.

Other PC manufacturers, including Asus and Dell, are also hosting events on Monday, during which they’re anticipated to unveil their first PCs with the latest Qualcomm chips.

The day after the Surface announcements, Microsoft is officially starting its annual conference for developers. It will kick off on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. PT with a keynote address from CEO Satya Nadella and a few other executives.

According to Microsoft, they will discuss how “AI will unlock new opportunities, transform how developers work, and drive business productivity across industries.”

All major announcements should be delivered during the first keynote. While specific details are unknown, there will certainly be a lot of news about AI integrations to its latest services and products, like Copilot features in Microsoft Office programs, for example.

During the conference, the company scheduled dozens of sessions dedicated to developers, during which it will discuss the latest tools and updates on Azure, Azure AI, GitHub, and other services.

The conference can be watched on YouTube or via the company’s website (registration needed). You can also find the link below.