Microsoft unveils new version of Xbox X, new games coming for Xbox players

A new digital version of Xbox X, as well as new color and storage options for the X and S consoles, will be available during the holiday season.

This year’s Xbox Game Showcase, which took place during Summer Game Fest, featured many new announcements.

On Sunday, Microsoft unveiled three new consoles that will offer the same speed and performance as the existing ones but will have more design and storage options.

The more powerful Xbox, Xbox X, is getting a new digital version without a disc. Xbox X Digital will come with 1TB of SSD and will cost $449.99 and €499.99 in Europe, which is $50 less than a standard Xbox X.

Another addition to the Xbox X series is a new, speckled console. The company says it is called Galaxy Black, comes with 2TB SSD storage, and will cost $599.99/ €649.

A new color option is also coming to the Xbox S series. A version called Robot White will come with 1TB of SSD and will cost $349 or €349 in Europe.

All the new console options will be available during the Holiday season, and more details about exact regions will be announced soon, Microsoft says.

During the Xbox Game Showcase, trailers for more than a dozen new games were shown off in a more than an hour-long video. Games included those from companies like Activision, Bethesda, and Xbox Studios.

Activision showed off the trailer for Black Ops 6, the latest game in its multi-billion dollar franchise. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this October and has announced that the game will be released this year on October 25th.

Another big name on the list was a new gameplay of the classic title Doom. The prequel, Dark Ages, will be available to Xbox players in 2025.

Among other notable gameplays demonstrated were Indiana Jones, Fable, Dragon Age: the Veilguard, and more.

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