Mock script pokes fun at the way people use LinkedIn

A story on how Humbled And Honored landed a job at a multi-trillion-dollar company MetAppOogleSoftMazon by author Trung Phan is trending on Twitter. Spoiler alert – the hero was "humbled and honored" at the end.

Phan's protagonist is nine-year-old Humbled And Honored, who has just graduated Grade 4. Being the "thought leading leader" that they are, Humbled And Honored hopes to snatch a role that requires at least ten years of experience in "a $100 trillion grocery AI EV delivery crypto tech conglomerate" as they arrive for an interview with the Recruiter.

Suspense builds as the Recruiter creates a false sense of security by thanking the hero for applying, only to demand immediately their name and qualifications.

In a dramatic twist that follows, Humbled And Honored is hired straight away after revealing their impressive educational achievements, including an MD from "Harvard Extension School."

The power dynamics now clearly shift, and Humbled And Honored presses on, noting that they also have a law degree and DJ on the weekends, which prompts the Recruiter to grab a "comically large" bag of cash with $15 billion and an offer of a CEO role.

A subsequent feel-good driving-into-the-sunset scene sees Humbled And Honored congratulating themselves on a Workiversary: "I'm humbled and honored to be so humbled and honored."

This does not have to be the end. Phan tweeted this was only the first page of his LinkedIn fantasy claimed to be written by an AI bot after it was "forced" to scan through 100 million LinkedIn profiles.

Users across Twitter and LinkedIn pitched in with their ideas for the story: from "fan theories" speculating the Recruiter was Humbled And Honored's real father to a rise of a challenger – twin brother Glad To Announce.

Others went further still and had DALL-E create creepy – yet curiously apt – headshots for the potential casting of both Humbled and Honored and the Recruiter.

Phan said the script was informed by his earlier research on why LinkedIn was the most "cringe" of all the social networks.