Here’s the most desirable data science job position

Big data is going to be a $100 billion market in five years. No wonder professionals skilled in making sense of that information are in high demand.

The amount of data about us, our habits, and our interests is increasing exponentially. Firms can monitor your online purchase data, browsing behavior, social media usage, geolocation data, the type of computer you have, and much more. By tapping into that information, businesses build their marketing and growth strategies, and they need data gurus to help them make sense of it all.

According to Statista, the total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally surpassed 64 zettabytes in 2020 and is forecast to reach more than 180 zettabytes by 2025.

Along with it, the market size for business intelligence and analytics software applications is also growing and is forecasted to reach more than $18 billion in 2025.

Following the trend, a business intelligence provider, Coresignal, analyzed over 280,000 data science job postings published on one of the most popular online job posting platforms in the US and Europe, posted between January 1st, 2022, and May 31st, 2022.

“The future for data science and analytics careers looks promising. The field has been experiencing continued growth for many years. For various companies worldwide, data is now the cornerstone of their business,” the company said.

Its researchers analyzed job postings for 14 different data science job positions and found that eight of them were in higher demand. There were 8,000 or more job postings for each of these eight positions: data engineer, data analyst, data scientist, data architect, database administrator, machine learning engineer, business intelligence developer, and statistician.

Data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist are the three most sought after job titles – there were more than 220,000 job postings for these three roles in Europe and the US.

75% of job opportunities for data scientists were in the US. When it comes to Europe, data scientists have better chances of finding jobs in the United Kingdom, German, France, Poland, and the Netherlands.

“The demand for data science specialists is high, but only a few most popular roles stand out in job postings. However, we see that the spectrum of data science career paths is expanding with new positions focusing on specific aspects of data science, such as natural language processing or data storytelling,” Coresignal said.

However, the company found only 22 job postings for data storytellers in the US and Europe this year and only 366 jobs for natural language processing engineers.

“In comparison, we have found and analyzed over 97,000 job postings for data engineers during the same period,” Coresignal said.