Bad year for YouTube: star exodus followed by MrBeast warning

In the midst of the YouTube exodus and uncertainty surrounding the content creator market, the platform’s superstar, Mr. Beast, tweeted a warning for wannabe YouTubers. Thousands don’t make it, he warned, so keep that in mind.

Tom Scott, MatPat, and MeatCanyon are among the YouTube stars who took a break from creating content recently, saying farewell to fans who have been watching them since they were kids.

For creators, last year on YouTube was plagued with complaints about demonetization issues, copyright strikes, including false ones, questionable algorithm behavior changes, pushing for shorts and other, less-than-popular content.

For some, the lack of two-factor authentication protections meant hackers were able to take over channels. Put AI-generated video invasion on top together with the fight against adblockers, with a sprinkle of malicious or misleading ads finding their way on the platform.

Now, the choir was enriched with a bittersweet solo from MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson), arguably one of the most popular content creators, who has 244 million subscribers on his main channel.

“It’s painful to see people quit their job/drop out of school to make content full-time before they’re ready. For every person like me that makes it, thousands don’t. Keep that in mind and be smart plz,” he warned on X.

It seems that betting your house on roulette might be a wiser choice, as MrBeast jokingly expressed in his support for such an idea.

Other popular YouTubers agreed.

Thomas Frank, who owns a channel with 3 million subscribers, expressed his gratitude to MrBeast for “directly acknowledging survivor bias here.”

“I hate seeing people go buy new expensive equipment without even having an audience. If you can't build a following with the camera that’s already in your smartphone – a $5000 dollar camera isn't going to help get you there any faster,” JerryRigEverything, a reviewer with 8.5 million subscribers, replied to MrBeast’s post.

Uncertainty in the creator economy is further increased by TikTok’s potential ban in the US.

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