Netflix co-founder “excited” about AI

Automated screenwriting could benefit the entertainment industry, Netflix co-founder and former head Marc Randolph said, as Hollywood writers continue to strike.

“I’m kind of excited about AI and what it means for entertainment,” Randolph said while speaking at the ISACA virtual conference.

He said AI is going to “shorten the distance” between coming up with an idea and the creative implementation of it.

“Whether the creation is automated, whether the script writing is automated, whether the plot development is automated – those don’t hurt entertainment,” Randolph said.

He said AI is going to change how every company does business by “shedding a lot of the manual work required to move into the future.”

“We're going to look back at these last few years as being incredibly disruptive on multiple levels,” Randolph said.

Randolph was speaking amid an ongoing Hollywood writers strike that, in addition to calls for higher pay, demands large studios and streaming services restrict the use of AI.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA), which represents around 11,500 writers in New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere, says the use of AI should be regulated.

Its proposals include a commitment from studios not to use AI as source material, and not to use the material created by its members to train large language models.

The WGA also wants AI banned from writing and rewriting literary material.

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