Netizens react to pride-themed Cybertruck: "Elon is gonna brick that thing as soon as he sees this"

Tesla's pimped-out Cybertruck rolled out in the streets of West Hollywood during WeHo pride. It didn't go unnoticed by social media users.

Nearly half of West Hollywood residents are rumored to identify as LGBTQ. This weekend was WeHo Pride Weekend, which, as usual, drew hundreds of thousands of people to various events, including the WeHo Pride Parade.

One of the highlights of the parade, at least judging from the social media posts, was a pride-themed Cybertruck. Tesla's car, decorated to look like a rainbow – a symbol of a community's pride – is seen driving through the streets of West Hollywood.

Any other car wouldn't have drawn so much attention, if any at all. But it's the Tesla-made car we are talking about. Its owner, the notorious Elon Musk, has been accused of promoting transphobic content on X and creating a toxic environment for the LGBTQ community.

One of his famous quotes reads: "I'm cool with adults doing whatever they want, so long as it doesn't harm others, but kids need to be protected at all costs."

Musk's public remarks are troubling not only because he has a trans daughter but also because he could even get a seat in the Oval Office, whispering blasphemy straight into Donald Trump's ear, was he to reclaim his position as the US president.

Pictures of the pride-themed Cybertruck started popping up on social media, from X to Reddit, and some users loved the idea precisely because they saw it as a sting to Musk.

"Elon is gonna brick that thing as soon as he sees this," one user on X said.

Others simply hate the grey Cybertruck.

"Not even trying to be funny, this is one of the least hideous Cybertrucks I've seen," one redditor said.

Unfortunately, some threads are also poisoned with homophobic comments. Naturally, we choose not to amplify them by quoting, but you can go ahead and report hateful comments in this thread.

Cybertruck @ Pride, West Hollywood, CA
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