Leak reveals detailed information on the new Motorola Edge 50 Pro

Details on Motorola Edge 50 Pro reveal possible phone colors, new upgrades, and features.

Details about the new Motorola Edge 50 Pro (Motorola Edge+ in the US) were shared on Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce site.

While speculation about the possible updates the new model might include has been doing the rounds, the listing found online provides a list of enhanced features integrated into the new device.

It was reported that the new Motorola model should be launched on April 3rd of this year. What to expect from the latest device?

It seems that one of the main areas of focus here is a high-quality display that was validated by Pantone. Motorola aims to show vivid colors and accurate skin tones through a 1.5K resolution display.

Another important aspect is an AI-powered camera feature that, for example, allows taking pictures in motion and capturing their “true” colors. And with “tilt mode,” phone users will even be able to play with the depths of an image.

Other Motorola features include secured and fast unlocking, protection from blue light, and excellent visibility in sunlight. The new mobile device will be available in three colors: light silver, light purple, and black.

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