New Tesla cars come out with one feature missing

Tesla has decided to remove Steam games from its newer models, which include Model S and Model X.

The feature being removed by Tesla was first noticed by Reddit user FlipKB24.

The Redditor received a message from the manufacturer stating, "Tesla is updating the gaming computer in your Model X, and your vehicle is no longer capable of playing Steam games. All other entertainment and app functionalities are unaffected."

The news started a discussion online, with some users disappointed with the removal of the games. Apparently, they’re a great way to kill time while waiting for someone. However, others admitted that the update didn't have any effect on them, speculating that lack of interest could be the reason why Tesla stopped supporting Steam.

The Steam gaming platform first appeared in 2022 in Tesla's models S and X vehicles.

Owners of current Tesla models are not affected by the change.

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