Nvidia and Apple cooperate to enhance Vision Pro's use for 3D graphics

Nvidia, an AI technology company, announced that their Omniverse platform will now be available on Apple Vision Pro headsets.

During a GTC conference on March 18th, Nvidia founder Jensen Huang revealed that the Omniverse technology can now be used with the Apple Vision Pro.

Omniverse is a technology platform that facilitates the usage of various 3D development tools. Working with Nvidia-created programs through the Apple Vision Pro allows creators to see how their designs work in real life.

During the conference, multiple examples proved how beneficial the collaboration between Omniverse and Vision Pro can be for designers and manufacturers.

Accurate and immersive virtual models of things like cars or warehouse facilities make it easier to see what the final product will look like in reality, helping designers to identify potential difficulties that may occur in an object’s physical form.

This is all possible thanks to the Omniverse CloudAPI and Apple Vision Pro's high-resolution display.

While the question of whether the Vision Pro is worth its hefty price tag still remains, cooperation with companies like Nvidia certainly provides additional advantages and boosts the attractiveness of the product.

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