Leak: new PS5 Pro console scheduled for holiday season

The updated version of the popular Sony PlayStation gaming console looks set to be released this year.

The leaked documents, which originated from the PS developer portal, provide plenty of updates, suggesting that it's possible for the new gaming console to be released around Christmas time.

Nevertheless, the release date isn’t the only thing that gamers are curious about. What kind of updates and features can we expect from the PS5 Pro?

So far, the PS5 Pro or “Trinity” is confirmed to include:

  • 45% faster ray tracing compared to PS5
  • Consistent and better FPS with 4K resolution and ‘performance mode’ at 8K resolution
  • PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), also known as “custom machine-learning architecture”
  • 33.5 teraflops (while PS5 has 10.3 teraflops)

On March 15th, 2024, the YouTube channel Moore's Law Is Dead uploaded a video that shows leaked documents about the PlayStation 5 Pro. Soon after, Insider Gaming, a gaming news platform, confirmed in their article that the released information was accurate.

However, while speculation around the console’s release date suggests that it’s set to arrive at the end of the year, plans can easily change due to a lack of new first-party games. So maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet!

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