Roku patent reveals ways it might use screen inactivity

Roku is working on the idea of employing screen inactivity to play ads.

The streaming service Roku has found a way to show its ads through third-party devices, according to Roku’s “HDMI customized ad insertion” patent (US20230388589A1).

Roku is a streaming platform that provides services through Roku TV or its players.

The company recently found a way to play ads during pauses that consumers take while, for example, playing video games or watching something.

It works through Roku TV, which can tell when its users connect to other third-party devices. The patent also reveals methods to play ads that are relevant to the user.

This isn’t the company’s first attempt to monetize these “breaks.” Its users probably already know about the Roku City screensaver that pops up during a detected inactivity.

The screensaver is actually used to sell sponsorships, and a few major companies have already used this opportunity to be featured.

While the ideas presented in the patent can be controversial, especially in the eyes of consumers, as with many patents, the company might end up scratching them altogether.

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