Roku hops on the “video ad on the home screen” trend

Roku has confirmed its plans to stream video ads on its home screen.

The news was shared during the company’s first quarter 2024 earnings call.

With video ads shown on home screens becoming a trend started by Amazon and Google TV, Roku, a TV streaming platform, decided to go the same route.

“On the home screen today, there’s the premier video app we called the Marquee and that traditionally has been a static ad. We’re going to add video to that ad. So that will be the first video ad in that we add to the home screen,” explained Roku’s CEO Anthony Wood (via Cord Cutters News).

Putting video ads on home screens is one way to increase ad revenue. It’s also a possible solution to Roku’s problem of poor ad sales, which affect the company’s revenue.

Roku has already been exploring other ways to stream ads through their streaming platform, including the possibility of using screen inactivity.

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