AI Salvador Dali awaits your call

The Dali Museum will introduce the first edition of the “Ask Dali” experience, in which the late Spanish artist Salvador Dali’s voice and personality are re-created using artificial intelligence.

Starting on April 11th, 2024, the experience will allow visitors to “ask any questions of a re-created Salvador Dali using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology,” the Dali Museum Florida website reads.

The voice is supposedly meant to sound “remarkably like Dali’s” with dialogue that “reflects his unique personality, style, and humor.”

To start a conversation with Dali, museum-goers must pick up a version of the late Spanish artist’s famous Lobster Phone and ask “Dali” a range of thought-provoking questions.

This experience was crafted by Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), a San Francisco-based advertising agency, and is powered by various machine-learning models.

“Ask Dali” utilizes the powers of OpenAIs GPT-4 and ElevenLabs Eleven V2, which have been trained using a range of artist’s writings and archival audio.

Supposedly, “Dali was fascinated by the latest tools and technologies of his era and continually explored various artistic mediums,” said Jeff Goodby, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of GS&P.

According to the website, this experience allows spectators to engage with machine-learning models in a new way while exploring Dali’s poetic musings in an intimate and “imaginative style all of his own.”

The experience is located in St Petersburg, Florida, and is one of the many collaborations between The Dali Museum and GS&P.

In 2019, The Dali Museum and GS&P conducted its first AI experiment called “Dali Lives,” which allowed visitors to learn about Dali’s life works “from a screen reimagining Dali’s likeness.”

In 2023, the duo worked together again, in collaboration with OpenAI, to “create the award-winning” experience “Dream Tapestry,” where visitors could create their own digital paintings using text descriptions.

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