Samsung bringing AI features to Galaxy smartwatches

AI-enabled tools will provide better analysis of personal health and improve the accuracy of algorithms.

Samsung has announced several new AI features for the Galaxy smartwatch line, which will be available later this year.

One notable example is Energy Score, a tool designed to help users better understand daily conditions through the combined analysis of personal health metrics.

The new metrics include sleep time average, sleep time and bed/wake consistency, previous day activity, sleeping heart rate, and heart rate variability. Energy Score will summarize these metrics and compare them to a person's average.

Another tool, Wellness Tips, will offer insights, motivational tips, and guidance based on specific goals, Samsung claims.

The company will also use AI to enhance its health algorithms and tracking tools. Its sleep algorithm will provide additional in-depth sleep insights, including movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart rate, and respiratory rate during sleep.

A few tools will be tailored to sports enthusiasts. A detailed aerobic threshold heart rate zone metric will support efficient running while analyzing performance.

For cyclists, the company brings a personalized power index based on AI data that will provide analysis to maximize performance. According to Samsung, cyclists will be able to calculate functional threshold power metrics in 10 minutes.

Several fitness-tracking tools will also be used to track workouts and progress. The workout routine will combine various exercises for a personalized workout and enable transitioning to the next exercise without stopping, while ‘race’ will compare current and past performance on the same routes.

Samsung says the new features will be available via the Onei UI 6 watch update, with some selected users getting access to the beta version.