Samsung sues Oura to avoid potential lawsuits over Galaxy Ring

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Finnish smart ring maker Oura, seeking to prevent the company from suing it over the Galaxy Ring, which will be released later this summer.

In the lawsuit, Samsung claims that each time a major competitor has developed and released a product that competes in the smart ring market, Oura – the company which made the first smart ring to get mainstream popularity – has filed a patent infringement action against that competitor.

“Oura had sued at least one manufacturer of a competing smart ring product even before that product was delivered to customers in the United States,” the company claims.

According to Samsung, Oura filed a lawsuit against its competitor Circular ring and/or circular app without testing them.

Samsung also claims that Oura is planning to sue the company for the launch of the Galaxy Ring.

It bases its assumption on previous cases against competitors and publicly expressed opinions in media, including Oura’s CEO, who told CNBC that Oura would closely monitor the development of Samsung’s Galaxy Ring to see if there are any concerns of potential intellectual property violations.

“While Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Ring does not infringe any of Oura’s patents, the Galaxy Ring includes features similar to those in the smart ring products of Ultrahuman, Circular, and RingConn, which Oura contends infringe its patents,” the lawsuit reads.

In the documents, it’s also stated that Samsung plans to begin sales and shipments to customers of the Galaxy Ring in the United States around August 2024. The company is expected to launch the Galaxy Ring at its Unpacked event, along with two foldable phones.

According to the latest leak, the Samsung Galaxy Ring should come in eight different sizes.