Samsung has a surprise for hotel guests who use iPhones

Samsung Electronics presents Samsung Hospitality TV integration with AirPlay to make hotel guests feel more at home.

Samsung Electronics shared that its Hospitality TVs are now compatible with AirPlay, meaning guests with iOS or iPadOS devices can easily connect to the TVs in their hotel rooms.

With Samsung Hospitality TVs, travelers who own an iPhone or iPad can now continue watching their favorite shows, listen to music from different platforms, view photos, or go through their presentations through Samsung TV.

The company claims that “no personal information is ever stored or saved, and all information about paired devices is automatically eased upon guest checkout.” Thus, users don’t have to worry about their data privacy.

Samsung came up with the idea to integrate Apple AirPlay “to enhance the in-room experience for hotel guests while providing powerful management tools for hotel operators.” The new feature works through LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro, which can be found on Samsung TVs.

LYNK Cloud, a hospitality cloud platform, is used as a management tool when there are multiple users. It provides personalized content, device management, and streaming service entertainment.

LYNK Cloud allows users to book various hotel services, such as room service and gives hotel managers insights that help them provide guests with a better experience.

With the SmartThings Pro dashboard, hotel operators can manage various smart devices, such as Hospitality TVs or air conditioning systems.